Help the colorful Moonsters to retake its peaceful galaxy.

The bad robot has invaded the galaxy of the Moonsters and built gray walls on the beautiful planets. But that cannot keep away the brave Moonsters. With your help, they finally dare to opose the bad robot.

In this puzzle game, you can move the small Moonsters and trigger powerful combinations. Useful extras such as the nimble slingshot, explosive bomb, and the practical joker help you. Travel through the galaxy and conquer back the planets of the Moonsters by destroying the gray walls. Compete in the final against the evil robot and drive him to escape.

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Nuke The Moon

Moonsters is the first game of the independent studio 'Nuke The Moon'. The game is based on the popular genre 'Match 3' and adds to it a lot of exciting ideas. Moonsters can be played for free and offers affordable extras in the game.