Pioneer Skies

Pioneer Skies is a 3D racing game for iOS and Android. You can find links to the stores at here. It is based on our game jam project Alien Ark and the procedural landscape editor Opus. One of the most challenging parts of the development was the real-time construction of the landscapes. The game computes the landscapes while playing which leads to very fast loading times for the races. If you fly in one direction new landscape parts are computed and parts that are not visible any more are thrown away. This enables us to make the surfaces of the planets almost infinite in size which is great for exploration.

The soundtrack of the game was composed by Tim Beau, Max Lichti, Janbam, Bobby Gasthaus and Staticvoid. Listen to the music and spread it to the world!

Navigating through 3D scenes on a touch device is a difficult topic. A physical joypad gives you a haptic feedback but touch controls do not. We spend a lot of time to make the best out of the touch controls and ended up with a good solution that is intuitive and can be quickly learned. It is adjustable and right- left-hand friendly.